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Scrap Your Car For Cash Today And Get Free Car Removal Melbourne.

We’ll pay Top Cash for your scrap car! We also accept full loads of wrecked cars from car wreckers Melbourne and surrounding areas for use by our auto wreckers and, sometimes, in auto salvage Melbourne. Plus, if your scrap car or wrecked cars won’t move, we even offer Absolutely Free car removal services from your doorstep, throughout the Melbourne area. Call now to book your free car removal. This service offers great convenience to many owners of inoperable vehicles who would prefer not to have to pay a tow truck to transport their clunker to a landfill. We’ll haul these non-working autos away from your residence for you. Real estate agents with listings containing used car parts or car wrecks in Melbourne on the property should encourage property sellers to call upon our services. We’ll remove the used car parts and clunkers at our expense, meaning you won't have to pay a dime for those. Let our experienced car recyclers help beautify your client’s real estate so it will attract more buyers. As a car dismantler, we possess equipment for auto salvage in Melbourne. You won’t need to worry that we won’t manage to clear away used car parts and immobile vehicles promptly. Our auto wreckers will pick up and clear away unsightly scrap car remnants. Your listings will look much nicer and possibly command a higher selling price after we perform this service. Call us today to arrange for us to perform this convenient service.

About Us

Rapid Recyclers buys many different makes and models of wrecked cars in the Melbourne area. We buy cars and wreck them for parts and scrap metal. Our huge yard comprises of thousands of cars enables us to carry a vast variety of genuine secondhand parts. We wreck cars, vans, utes and trucks. Our tow trucks roams around all over Melbourne and can be dedicated to you over one call. We operate a huge car wrecking yard very near to Melbourne CBD.
"Customer service is our number 1 priority"

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In fact to solve problems with slowly rusting scrap cars taking up valuable space on your property all you need to do is contact us. Schedule your free car removal now. Take advantage of this great offer. We’ll haul away the clunkers you don’t want so you can use your property fully again.

Go ahead and pick up the phone now. What do you have to lose? You may discover that making this call provided you with the extra assistance required to finally dispose of an ugly, rusting, beat up wrecker safely. We respond quickly when people call requesting scrap car removal assistance. Our company possesses the equipment and personnel required to help you clean away all the metal debris from your field or lot. Don’t wait! Call now for a great deal!

Why Choose Us?

Your vehicle holds value, even if it is not starting or hasn't started for a very long period.There are still many parts, components and accessories that are worth value to us and people who have the same make and model as you. The body of your vehicle holds significance as well, as it can be sold off as Parts.

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Totally Free Car Removal Service in Melbourne

We furnish a valuable no-cost service to people seeking wrecker and junk car removal. Unlike many towing companies, we don’t expect you to pay us for our assistance because we maintain a wrecker yard. Go ahead and give us a call now!

On a regular basis, we enable property owners and property managers in Melbourne to clear driveways, yards and fields. People call us to tow away clunkers for recycling. We won’t even charge you for the towing and removal help we provide. Ask us to clean away metal debris from your real estate, so you can enjoy the premises once again. Call us now. We respond quickly to requests for our assistance.


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    Rapid Recyclers is Not Affiliated With Or Related To Or A Subsidiary Of Any Vehicle Manufacturer.

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    We pay cash up to $9,999 on spot for Your Car